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10 inches melt-blown cartridge

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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keyword description: 10 inches melt-blown cartridge

10 inches introduction of melt-blown cartridge PP melt-blown polypropylene particle filter is to use avirulent insipidity, after heating melting, spinning, drawing, take shape, made of a tubular filter. If the raw material is given priority to with polypropylene. Not only in the mass use of water purification. Also has the outstanding chemical compatibility, applicable to strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent filtration. Pollutant carrying capacity is strong, long service life and low cost. 10 inches melt-blown filter parameters filtering precision: 1 & amp; micro; m、3& micro; 米,5, micro; 米,10, micro; m、20& micro; 米,30, micro; 米,60, micro; M applicable PH: 1-13 maximum differential pressure: is 0. 4Mpa。 Working temperature: at 0. 25 mpa, < 70 & deg; C。 Sterilization: tolerance & 126 deg; C, 30 minutes online steam sterilization. Endotoxin: filter column of water extracted liquid by lAL test, endotoxin content lower than 0. Five eu/ml 10 inches melt-blown filter performance characteristics: ( 1) Filtration efficiency and filtration precision, filter aperture uniform density, filter efficiency of more than 99%. ( 2) Filtering resistance is small, large flow, carrying capacity, long service life, this product in the production process of fiber diameter and clearance is adjustable, outer filter pore lining small to big, increased traffic and environmental carrying amount, the filter element is not easy to block, prolong service life. ( 3) Own spotlessness, water pollution-free, acid and alkali and organic solvents, corrosion. ( 4) Poor strength, import and export pressure filter more than 0. 4 mpa filter will not deformation, the temperature over 90 ℃, the filter efficiency will not decrease. 10 inches melt-blown cartridge considerations ( 1) Please according to the precision of filtration liquid and contains impurities filter, viscous liquid can be used the secondary filter, before the coarse filter, reduce the resistance and prolong the service life of filter element ( General for 3 - 4 times) 。 ( 2) Please correct installation filter, filter the water pollution is found, should be carefully check whether the filter is skewed, whether strict alignment, pressure on both ends. ( 3) When the pressure difference reaches 0. When 2 mpa, should clean or replace filter. Melt-blown filter is divided into 10 inches belt skeleton and frameless two kinds, longer service life, with a skeleton filtration precision is in 1 - 100 um. Melt-blown filter size: 30 inches, 20 inches, 5 inches, 40 inches, all kinds of water filter, meet your various demands. Guangzhou filter source water filter equipment co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of various kinds of water filter cartridge! Welcome to order!
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