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1200498 coalescing filter element

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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keyword description: 1200498 coalescing filter

1200498 coalescing filter product introduction: the filter is composed of a variety of composite material after the special craft processing and forming, with hydrophilic properties. It can not only filter medium mechanical impurities, but also through the demulsification, coalescence, the emulsification state of water separated from the medium. And get married larger droplets, and to facilitate further implement the purification of the medium. Coalescing filter mainly choose after surface treatment of glass fiber or polyester fiber into a coalescence of medium. The structure of the filter material through the special design, makes the filter medium has a good coalescence performance? A. The filtering precision can reach 0. 1um. 1200498 coalescing filter characteristics: due to the filter with polyester fiber synthetic materials have good compatibility with various fluid. Filter structure of multilayer spiral coiling, each layer with different properties of the fiber, through the control of each layer of fiber parameters such as shape, size, thickness and density to achieve the desired filtering precision. 1. Stable structure, fiber strength is higher, there is no medium loss. 2 not to the environment, the product downstream pollution caused by 3. With all kinds of fluid has good compatibility, have good environmental protection. Guangzhou filter source water filter equipment co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of various kinds of water filter cartridge! Welcome to order!
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