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2011 China water exposition grand opening in Beijing

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
It is reported, 2011 China water exposition and China international membrane and water treatment technology and equipment exhibition 'in the Olympic village in Beijing on October 13, 2011, held the national convention center.
according to concerning sectional statistic, the membrane separation technology of the current our country although has obtained the huge progress, but is still in a rising stage of development. Henceforth, membrane technology in industrial technology innovation, industrial transformation, new energy, plays a more important role in all walks of life. So, strengthen membrane technology research and development ability, and strive to promote the development of film industry, relying on scientific and technological progress, improve product quality, reduce cost, increase the variety, enlarge the application to improve membrane technology application ability of process design, system of complete sets of membrane preparation and membrane module level, at the same time increase the propaganda dynamics, so as to promote the development of film industry.
this exhibition is sponsored by the national Ministry of Water Resources of China membrane industry association and the China water conservancy, co-organized the exhibition covers the dow, ungjin chemical woman the most pain, water source, GE, lisheng, beauty can film technology, zhaojin film days, bluestar toray etc. More than 100 well-known enterprises. 'China international membrane and water treatment technology and equipment exhibition' has held the 13 th, after 13 years of cultivation and development, has grown into a large internationalization, branding, professional film industry exhibition, almost all of the film industry well-known enterprises at home and abroad and filter manufacturers will be preferred as a year, the exhibition is the industry's most influential communication, exchange, display activities. Membrane technology and water science and technology has formed a 'body is closely related to' the special relationship, in the current water resources protection in China, recycling and pollutant emission reduction policies, and two major industries in many enterprises and exhibitors fast growth momentum, the exhibition has become become a dazzling star of 'fair', is considered by domestic grandpa show latest membrane technology in water treatment technology and new products of TTF attending.
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