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2012 - In 2016 China's sewage treatment industry investment analysis and prospect forecast

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Cic advisory issued '- 2012 In 2016 China's sewage treatment industry investment analysis and prospect forecast & gt;> 。 Since the 1950 s,
the global rapid population growth, industry is developing rapidly. Global water situation to deteriorate rapidly, 'water crisis' has become increasingly serious. On the one hand, human demand for water resources expanding at an alarming rate; On the other hand, the increasingly serious water pollution, eating into a large number of water resources available for consumption.
China water resources per capita is less, the space distribution imbalance. With the acceleration of China's urbanization, industrialization, water demand gap is growing. In such a background, the sewage treatment industry become a new industry, at present, and tap water production, water supply, drainage, water reuse industry in the equally important position.
in recent years, China's sewage treatment industry by leaps and bounds, the overall development in rapid growth, mainly displays in the sewage treatment capacity improving steadily expanding rapidly, sewage treatment, sewage treatment, rapid growth, etc. Urban sewage treatment plants, 2010 processing capacity of 102. 62 million cubic meters, 13 higher than at the end of 2009. 4%, urban wastewater treatment rate to 76. 9%. By the end of September 2011, national city, county has built town sewage treatment plant 3077, processing capacity of 1. 3. 6 billion cubic meters/day.
urban sewage disposal facilities construction to promote the development of environmental protection industry and urban wastewater treatment rate to 2020 will not be less than 90%, the sewage treatment business broad market space. In addition, the state encourages the use of recycled water policy, will also be on the depth of sewage processing business to provide broad market space. The serious situation of construction of sewage treatment in our country, the present situation of the county and town sewage treatment is low, for the construction of the sewage treatment market, investment is a huge space.
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