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3 m high flow filter order batch, store environment: is there any requirement?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
3 m high flow filter is made of the PP polypropylene, inside and outside have PP frame support, in the middle is composed of different precision of membrane material fold, because PP material in water will affect the life, so, 3 m high flow filter avoid in damp environment, or the underground warehouse, danger such as outdoor environment, to prevent damp 3 m high flow filter has a lot of models, specifications are divided into 20 inch to 70 inch, accuracy is divided into 1 micron 100 microns, and the frame is divided into different styles ( Used in the different security filter) Indicated, so there are various types, large orders, try to be deposit classification, avoid clutter 3 m high flow filter factory, the source passes through layers of sampling filter, air bubble point test, flow pressure drop test, fatigue test and so on the many kinds of product packaging will be put in the oven with product certificate, packing list and other documents, the documents also need to keep. Source filter factory is located in xinxiang, henan, welcome to visit our factory manager. Also can call 24 h hotline: 187 - 9061 - 0805
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