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4 water filters you can make at home

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Whether it\'s rain, faucet or outdoor water, it\'s best to filter through the filter before drinking;
Yes, even the tap water in the house has traces of contaminants.
Boiling water has always been the best way to solve these problems, but the most practical answer is to buy a water filter for your home.
Imagine, however, that you are in a natural disaster with no clean water, or that you are lost in the woods, dehydrated, and perhaps you cannot make a fire in these painful moments, learning how to make a water filter is a good skill because water is essential to your body.
Here are some ways you can try it at home or practice it often and get ready for any situation.
Aluminum can filter what you need: an empty aluminum jar, small pebbles, mud coal, cut off the top of the jar and hit a small nail
There are holes in size at the bottom.
Add a layer of seaweed to the bottom of the jar.
This moss can be purchased both from the garden shop and for food in the home garden.
Grind charcoal into powder.
If you use barbecue charcoal, make sure to use the one that does not add lighter liquid.
Mix mud coal and charcoal powder 50/50 and add in the tank until 2/3 is full.
Mud coal can also be purchased or foraged from garden shops.
Finally, add a layer of pebbles to the jar.
Pour the unclean water slowly into the top of the jar;
Pebbles slow down the flow of water and capture any large particles in the water.
Sphagnum and peat attract fine particles when charcoal absorbs any biological contaminants.
After the first run, the water will appear gray and cloudy, but the water will decrease as it is used;
Similarly, the normal home filter also says to run water several times through the filter before using it.
Socks filter you need: preferably a tennis container or a clean aluminum can 4, beer or soda can also if there is no tennis container.
The tennis container is ideal as it is suitable for filtering more socks.
Anyway, perform the same steps as last time, cut the top and punch the nail-
There are holes in size at the bottom.
Wrap the clean rolled up socks tightly in the jar, trying to put 3 to 4 socks into the container.
Pour the unclean water very slowly into the top, making sure it takes a while for the water to go through the wrapped socks.
The reason for the cotton socks is that the cotton socks absorb water and remove many small particles.
You need a can of sand: an empty aluminum canlean sandClean cotton socks or scratch and punch nails from the top-
Size holes at the bottom of the tank.
Add a clean layer of cotton to the bottom of the jar.
Fill with clean sand.
This method is similar to a sock filter but uses sand.
The sand also filters out fine particles well, while the cotton layer will help prevent it from leaking from the holes at the bottom of the jar.
Solar water distillation unit this next water filtration unit can be made from different materials such as plexiglass, wood or plastic.
Basically, it is a box with two parts and a sloping transparent top.
One side is full of unclean water and when the sun evaporates purified water, the sloping top grabs it and it drops down into the side of the purified water.
Here\'s a picture to better imagine how it works: disclaimer learning how to make a water filter at home is very interesting and a great skill for an emergency.
However, none of the above methods is 100% foolproof.
They should not be considered an appropriate substitute for water purification or filtration, and should only be used in an emergency if there is no way to obtain clean water.
This article is mainly for your own personal information, so please be sure to filter and purify your water properly before drinking. Cheers!
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