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40 inch wire wound filter - used in industry Filter the source supply

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Keywords: 40 inch wire wound filter

keyword description: industrial 40 inch wire wound filter

industrial function and effect: 40 inch wire wound filter wire wound filter consists of textile fiber roving precision winding in the porous skeleton, twists control filter winding density can be made into different filtration precision filter. Filter filter aperture small outside ouchi, deep has excellent filtering effect; Can effectively remove suspended solids in the liquid, particle, etc. Large flow, small pressure loss. Residue in high load, long service life. Can withstand high filtration pressure. According to the nature of the filtered liquid filter has a variety of different materials to choose from, the filter has good compatibility with the filtrate. Use food and beverage industry: mineral water, beverage, etc. Electronic industry: pure water, organic solvents, printed circuit boards, electroplating, etc. Other: PCB, semiconductor, chemical, water and other filter impurity particles. Commodity parameter length: 40 inches ( About 102 cm) Accuracy: 5 (10 um um can arbitrarily choose The default is 5 um) Pressure: 0. 5Mpa
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