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40 inches of PTFE microporous folded filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

inch of PTFE microporous folded filter

inch of PTFE microporous folded filter summary:
folded filter material has a lot of kinds, such as pp and PTFE material.
the general filter medium is ordinary pp material fluid weak acid or alkaline medium.
and the material of PTFE filter is acid alkali fluid medium, of course, PTFE material cost than expensive
pp material.

inch of PTFE microporous folded filter applications and features:

the electronics industry of high purity gas filtering
organic solvent aseptic filtration
initial low differential pressure, the flux of the gas major
the filter of the use of long life no fibers

length: '
filter material: teflon
support: polypropylene
maximum differential pressure: c

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