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$5 drywall dust water filter gadget for shop vacuums

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Dry Wall dust can often block the filter, or tear the filter.
Dry Wall dust can also damage your vacuum motor.
Normally, vacuuming dry walls with a store vacuum will also be re-distributed through the air in the vacuum.
This is a cheap device that does not require a cyclone filter, hepa filter, or an external filter bucket to filter dry wall dust.
You need: for store vacuum cleaner, it seems to be 1 1/2 if your hose is about 2.
The installation does not need to be precise, the ABS pipe has multiple sizes, just find the closest installation.
Because the vacuum cleaner in the store is often tilted (
So that the debris does not fly into the filter)
, You need to measure what you can use instead of the total inner diameter.
I have about 1/2 available in my vacuum.
Use this measurement method to purchase the right ABS elbow and the right ABS pipe.
For my store vacuum my purchase list is: 2 1 1/2 \"elbow (about $1 each ).
Small length of 1 1/2 \"tube (about $1. 50/foot ).
Cut the ABS pipe slightly below the distance from the inside of the vacuum bottom to the hose connection.
Inside your vacuum tank, the hose inlet will tilt to make the debris deviate from your filter, just find an angle that best suits your vacuum.
Length can be in-
To be exact, it will lean slightly down and the angle does not matter.
Connect a elbow to each end of the cut ABS pipe.
Do not glue ABS pipes together, these parts will be tight enough for the purpose of this gadget, you may need to adjust the angle of the pipe.
It should feel comfortable but does not need to fit perfectly.
Put a few drops of soap.
The water will stir like crazy, creating many bubbles.
Some bubbles are good (traps the dust)
Too many bubbles are bad (
Will shoot out of your vacuum).
Then put enough water just to cover the elbows at the bottom.
You want some foam and it will help capture the dust.
This photo shows a good level of foam.
There are only a few drops of soap here.
Just make sure your store vacuum water filter is on (
Usually only foam sleeve)
Start vacuuming dust on the wall
All the dust should eventually be trapped in the water (
Not air, lungs and vacuum motors).
The video of this step shows the muddy water after the dust-absorbing drywall composite dust.
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