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5 inches of wire wound filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

inch wire wound filter

inch wire wound filter summary:
the filter is to control the filter layer winding density and filter hole shape and form of different filtration precision filter.
filtering characteristics of the filter is very good, can effectively out suspended solids in the fluid,
particles and other impurities. The filter can be applied to many areas, imaging in liquid filtration
industrial water, ink, electroplate liquid filter, etc.

inch wire wound filter features and specifications:

can withstand high filtration pressure

good chemical compatibility can effectively remove the suspended in the liquid, granules, etc.
the pressure drop is small, large amount, length:
diameter: mm
filter material: polypropylene

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pp line pp skeleton line around the filter folding
ptfe membrane filter
LFT fell * ceramic filter element inside the
the o-rings pp folded filter
inch wire wound filter
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