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9. More than 75 inches of big fat filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25

. Inch fold big fat more filter

. Inch fold big fat filter more abstract:
the filter of the filter has big filter area, it folding design reduces the pressure difference at the same time extend the service life of filter.
the wider application field of the filter can be used for swimming pool filter, chemical raw materials of organic solvent filtration
industrial water and electroplating water filter, etc.

. Inch fold big fat more filter features and specifications:

the filter can be cleaned and so reduces the cost of the
the design of the folding increasing the surface area of the filter length:
. Mm: inch inside diameter

diameter: mm
filter material: polypropylene
filtration precision: um, um, um, um, um. :
the highest operating temperature. C
the maximum operating pressure:. Bar

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