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A city of Texas because of drought to make drinking water after the waste water treatment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
As we all know, in normal case, we will live after wastewater treatment generally used for toilet flushing, watering the flowers, irrigation or direct emissions, such as processing, a city in the United States, however, after the wastewater treatment can also do another role: to drink.
CNN reported that the United States suffered severe drought in the western region, Texas, rainfall in recent months less than 0. 2 cm, in normal times, the Colorado river to municipal water deteriorating water treatment plants can provide 65 million gallons of water a day on average, but if the drought continues into next year, may be will be reduced to 45 million gallons of water supply. Big, PuLinCheng because of extreme lack of water resources, is planning to urine after waiting for domestic wastewater treatment as drinking water, big spring city management office, 'said terry, heathcliff, 'when it comes to the urine into drinking water, people feel very sick. 'However, although many people feel disgust for' drink ', grant said he can ensure the safety of drinking water, and taste not bad.
responsible for supply and other areas with municipal drinking water of the Colorado river water area, is spending $13 million ( About 83. 44 million yuan) For the city to build a special water treatment plants, can be in the urine of human life such as toilet wastewater into drinking water. The project, the director of the John grant said: 'we previously released into the stream of life waste water processing, then mix with traditional supply of drinking water. 'Grant said it was just to accelerate the life waste water of natural purification process again.
the big PuLinCheng 2. 70000 residents in the home the wastewater purification will be recycled for drinking water.
we also hope that mankind can protect the environment, protect the limited water resources, can't let our children drink a good water is a luxury thing.
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