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A common fault and handling of oil-water separator

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Oil-water separator of common faults in four aspects, four aspects in this work we often encounter, encounter when these failures to how to handle? Show you the details about oil-water separator water filter manufacturer.

a, oil-water separator display on the screen, the results showed that when its concentration is greater than 15 PPM, the alarm.

the reasons for the failure analysis of the first to think about is whether the oil discharge monitoring and control has a problem, the oil discharge monitoring and control system in the control box, need to be detailed inspection, look at the control box and its electrical equipment is normal;

to check whether the control state in a sensitive and reliable, and indicator lights on the screen is normal, after detailed investigation of the alarm function, in between 'work' and 'test' for inspection, if there is a action produced in the index.

the scrutiny after normal, on the basis of these, judge the oil-water separator is a problem.

2, oil-water separator, the relief valve of intermittent jitter.

appear this kind of failure, common reason may be due to the spring material's fatigue, thus leading to the problems. May be present in the oil discharge device to control membrane appeared problem, there is another possibility is coalescing element appeared dirty plugging failure.

3, oil-water separator warning lights on the control panel, but it was not oil discharge action to occur.

may be due to the electromagnetic valve itself appeared problem, so you need to check the solenoid valve in detail, judge the solenoid valve which part of the problem.

it is possible that the control air is a problem, can deal with the air and gas path, it is also possible that pneumatic valve problems, and dealing with the decomposition inspection.

4, oil-water separator, oil discharge start and stop frequently occur.

may be due to the leakage exist in the system, make the gas ran out into the bowl, so the pressure due to the change, so to check and pipe joint.
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