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A happy New Year

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Respect for the old and new customers and all the staff:

New Year come again! Goodbye to 2016, we ushered in the full of hope, opportunity and challenge in 2017! Here, thank you all in the past year to filter the support and trust. At the same time also hope that in the New Year, henan filter can continue to get everyone's attention and support. In order to facilitate our colleagues in advance arrange work and life, now according to The General Office of the State Council notice spirit, and the company's welfare policy, will 'Spring Festival holiday arrangement during notice is as follows:

the Spring Festival holiday time: the national legal holiday paid leave on 14 February 5 solstice holiday, a total of nine days. February 15, Sunday) Go to work.

the lunar New Year holiday on duty personnel responsibilities and requirements:
1, to make the fire prevention, security, the security work of the company. The personnel on duty to check and close the company offices and room doors and Windows; Turning off the power of the don't need; Close the faucet, eliminate all hidden dangers. Make sure all the security company workshop, office building.
2, seriously do a good job of safety monitoring. Prevent the happening of accidents and incidents.
3, during on duty, cannot take off duty, on duty seriously. On duty 24 hours a day to ensure that someone at the company.
4, on duty personnel on duty should be recorded. Important things to be recorded. To do a good job of succession and so on.
5, for the lot during the holidays, during the holiday season returning staff should pay attention to a personal journey, money, security, after the end of the holiday to return to the company on time.

2017 henan filtering administration dept. 1. 26
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