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a new water filter both al gore and steve jobs could love

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
Soma, released on Kickstarter last week, is a new company in San Francisco that aims to make Brita and other plastic water filters obsolete through its radical new design and 100% composting filters.
Historically, Soma is a mysterious drink that can help fighters overcome their fears in battle or help poets find creative inspiration.
Mike Del Ponte
The founder and CEO explained that his modern Soma incarnation was motivated by the desire to spread a new lifestyle, which he called \"desire more \".
Del Ponte explained, \"family items, though simple, are ingrained in the rituals of our daily lives.
Because we often interact with these objects, they have the ability to strengthen positive behaviors such as health, ecological awareness and innovative thinking.
\"As one of their advisers, Eric Ryan
The founder of the approach noted, \"one of the hardest things to do is to combine great design and sustainability into a killer user experience, and that\'s what these people do.
\"In designing their glass bottles, the Soma decided to bypass the convention and remove all unnecessary functions (Even handle)
Even Steve Jobs will delve into minimalist design. The all-
Glass bottles have elegant curves that bring smooth and original beauty.
When it comes to Soma\'s filters, the team went around looking for the perfect partner and finally found David Beeman, the outstanding boutique water designer.
Beeman, a water filtration expert with over 35 years of experience, has created proprietary water recipes for Starbucks, Peet, Keurig, coffee beans and other leading brands.
The filter of Soma is different from all other products in the industry and is made entirely of compostable materials.
The carbon particles come from coconut shells in Malaysia. The filter is vegetarian Silk and the filter is made of plants.
Based on PLA composite material.
In the words of Beeman, \"the whole filter is fake.
There is nothing better in the world than this.
Tens of millions of oil-
Soma uses plastic filters in landfill sites every year to help the ecology
It is easy for conscious consumers to know that their water filters can reverse this destructive trend.
The last interesting element of the Soma program is their subscription service.
Everyone knows that their filters should be changed on a regular basis, but people will go 3-
Don\'t change filters for 6 months
Few people know that doing so has an impact on health.
When purchasing Soma carafe, you have registered a filter subscription, which guarantees that new filters will be delivered to your doorstep every two months to keep the water fresh and healthy.
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