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A shortage of water resources to promote water back to the water treatment technology development

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Work in recent years, water reuse is taken seriously increasingly, the domestic many cities have built water reuse projects. Water recycling in the application of more and more widely, the technology has been improved, some of the water quality can already at or near the drinking water standard, for the city's sustainable development laid a solid foundation.
in the city life sewage treatment has greatly enhanced the context of industrial wastewater treatment became the prominent problems of the water treatment, high concentration of refractory industry wastewater treatment is tough and have to face piece of bone. Large amount of industrial waste water, however, the number of pollutants and difficult and complicated composition, has been the difficulties in water pollution control. 'Twelfth five-year' period, the ammonia nitrogen into the scope of total amount control, become the obligatory targets for energy conservation and emissions reduction, conventional pollutants further cuts, general improvement in relevant industry standards, testing the industrial wastewater treatment. In the face of such a grim reality, to guarantee the sustainable development of the economic and social health and ensure the sustainable utilization of water resources, water reuse is imperative.
water after treatment can be used in many places. The United States, Israel, Japan and other countries. Toilet flushing, landscape irrigation, urban road cleaning, fountain, the extensive use of water. But the treated water is generally not as drinking water and water of direct contact with human skin.
water is commonly used in the following aspects:
( 1) Landscape water. City green water, municipal water, this part of the water consumption is not small, treated water can meet the requirements. So water reuse from this perspective. Save a lot of water, and achieved economic benefits;
( 2) Car wash water. Water processed, used to wash the car, make the car wash water prices are relatively cheap, easy to promote;
( 3) Industrial cooling water. Meet the industrial cooling water consumption is big, and aren't affected by seasonal Suo requirements:
( 4) Flushing water. Water in the pipeline can be directly pick up toilet used for flushing toilets or family, make full use of the water, convenient and easy to management;
( 5) Road flushing spray water and sanitation;
( 6) Farmland irrigation, afforestation, water;
( 7) Standby fire water;
( 8) Animal husbandry and aquaculture water.
filter source water treatment equipment co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of water treatment equipment, water in the water treatment equipment, the technology of our products has been improved, some of the water quality can reach or close to the drinking water standard, for the city's sustainable development laid a solid foundation.
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