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A special quartz sand filter installation and debugging

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Quartz sand filter is a common water purification equipment, because of its simple operation, low cost, good effect to remove the suspended solids in the water, has been widely used and the promotion, the stainless steel material to carbon steel quartz sand filter and stainless steel quartz sand filter.
quartz sand filter by filter cylinder, head up and down, the water distribution device, the water distribution device, manhole, feeding port, discharging mouth, support legs, backwashing is wash pipe valves, pumps, often and dosing system, activated carbon filter, precision filter ( Or bag filter) Collocation is used.
quartz sand filter commonly used water treatment, water purification treatment, such as mountain spring surface water treatment, as well as to tap further processing, the following to analyze a economical and useful debugging method.
in yixing, jiangsu wuxi we do a set of water treatment equipment, mainly for the water purification treatment, the other is a chemical industry enterprise, mainly is the water suspended material processing, USES a dosing device ( The PAC reagent) + quartz sand filter, precision filter, at the time of talking, I consult with each other, you have workers, forklift, loading quartz sand filter material can be out of them, with forklift loading filter material, so we debug the cost is low, if we have other departments come directly from the factory, the cost is high, our main connection pipe and the technical debugging, charge a debugging 2000 yuan with respect to ok, the other party agrees, on the day of the installation and debugging, we command mechanical filter in place, loading, and finally we will dosing system, quartz sand filter pipe and precision filter pipe connection, start the pump and backwashing is first wash a few minutes, and then enter the running state, the effluent is clean and clear.
through the innovation of installation and debugging, saves the user's cost, also improve the efficiency of the us, say, debugging to adjust measures to local conditions, reasonable use of resources, this is a win-win for both sides.
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