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A water treatment equipment return

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The water treatment equipment return special coincidence, because want to go to, just to have 2 customer request together in the past, I said yes, we can learn together. We drove to the user in zhejiang jiashan, shaoxing, jinhua, etc, are relatively close.
first of all, we come to jiashan, jiashan a do materials equipment, mainly is for the use of the water after purification for cooling, we went to the scene, this equipment has been more than two years, through the brand of the show is produced in May 2016, the name plate of stainless steel material, like new contrast filter tank, filter tank epoxy material is carbon steel, outside is blue paint spray, because in the outside part of the blow insolation under along a bit. Water purification by dosing system + quartz sand filter, bag filter, we are using, went to pump also issued a normal white noise, verify the level control, everything is normal, high and low level control is very sensitive. And then automatically to receive, by manual backwashing, wash, running, open the valve, switch to normal, bag filter exhaust valve gave birth to a tape for aging, a little ooze water, immediately shut down the machine, to replace the raw tape, processed, nothing goes wrong with other basically, water treatment equipment administrator said, every day he to inspect water treatment filter equipment, record in and out of the water pressure, sometimes manually for a long time cleaning quartz sand filter, bag filter in the long run, the pressure gauge pressure rose immediately change the filter bag, finished flocculant dosing device, dosing in advance. Equipment storage is very good.
the first tour visit finished, we came to shaoxing, shaoxing is also a quartz sand filter + activated carbon filter, is a textile mill wastewater after biochemical treatment after the quartz sand filter, and then by adsorption, activated carbon filter inspection also didn't appear around the tank is leaking, water also is normal, everything is normal, this time with customers, said about, there is no need to look, they are prepared to go back, back to my a person, then go to jinhua, jinhua is a set of automatic softening water equipment, to jinhua, it's getting late, and get a hotel in jinhua, continue again tomorrow.
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