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AB05PFR2PVH4 PP folded filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Keywords: AB05PFR2PVH4, PP folded filter, the security filter core

keyword description: AB05PFR2PVH4, PP folded filter, the security filter core

AB05PFR2PVH4PP folded filter PALL filter products are widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical industry, electric power industries. Products overview: l filter system how many grams of narrow size l filter replacement can reduce 50% 40 times l high traffic, single filter up to 500 GPM / 114 m3 / HRL filter has 20 & throughout; / 508mm, 40” / 1016mm, 60” Reduce waste processing l / 1524 MML coreless structure absolute precision filter medium, to ensure the performance stability l fluid flows from inside to outside all pollutant entrapment within the structure of the single pass filter structure materials: l filter medium: deep discounts polypropylene l support layer/emissions: polypropylene l end cover: glass filled polypropylene l o-rings: ethylene propylene rubber PALL PALL big flow water treatment filter advantages: big * * filter geometric size flow capacity * * character special import the filter material flow from the inside out, * effectively intercept impurities are suitable for all kinds of standard large flow filter PALL PALL big flow filter performance: * processing precision level: 1,3,5,10,20,40,70,90,150 microns ( μ m) PALL PALL big flow filter production standards: * filter material: polypropylene * support material: polypropylene * end cover material: 10% glass fiber reinforced polypropylene * skeleton material: polypropylene ( Only applicable to 60 inches ( 1524mm) Filter) * o-rings material: epdm filter size: filter length specifications: 20 inches ( 508毫米) 40 inches ( 1016mm) 60 inches ( 1524mm) Core diameter, outside diameter: 6. 3 inches ( 160毫米) Outer diameter: 5. 9 inches ( 150毫米) Inside diameter: 3. 5 inches ( 89mm)
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