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About the dangers of water pollution is analysed

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
Along with the development of the water purifier industry, more and more people pay attention to health, the problem of water pollution water, then the harm of water pollution will bring to what? The main harm of water pollution, in addition to known as the harm to human health, and other hazards? What harm?
a: the hazards to human health. Water pollution directly affect the water quality of drinking water sources. When the pollution of drinking water sources, and the related water treatment department is not a good solution to the pollution, which can lead to such as ascites, diarrhea, intestinal nematodes, hepatitis, causing many diseases such as gastric cancer, liver cancer. And contact with the water that is impure will catch such as skin diseases, trachoma, schistosomiasis and hookworm disease. And more seriously, now the water pollution in the very great degree has affected the human sex hormone secretion, from a certain extent, affected the human ability to reproduce; Others point out that the water pollution can cause spontaneous abortion or congenital deformity. To sum up, the water pollution harm human body health are various, also cannot be ignored. Pure water equipment manufacturers of worldwide rise is a good case in point. Harm
2: reduce crop yield and quality of
because the amount of water and sewage provide maps, in many parts of the farmers, has a habit of using sewage irrigation farmland. But painful lessons show that the waste water containing toxic or harmful substances wastewater polluted farmland soil, killed crops wither and make the farmers get great loss. Although many areas have also received the phenomenon of crop harvest, but in the back of a crop harvest, cover crop pollution in the crisis. Research shows that in some sewage irrigated area to grow vegetables or food crops, can detect trace organic compounds, including the poisonous and harmful pesticides, etc. , which will endanger the health of consumers. Three:
damage affects the fishery production output and quality of
fishery production output and quality of closely related to water quality directly. Freshwater fisheries widespread deaths caused by water pollution, fish, is not an individual case, still has a lot of natural water in fish and aquatic life is endangered or extinct. Mariculture causes also suffered damage from water pollution and threats. Water pollution in addition to killing fish influence production, still can make fish and aquatic life change. In addition, also found in fish and aquatic life body, the accumulation of harmful substances to make them edible value is reduced greatly, and eat the fish also can let the human health is threatened. Four:
hazard restricts the development of the economy. The harm of water pollution in this regard, may be a lot of people haven't noticed! The reason is that because of as a social economic pillar industry needs to use water as a raw material or washing products and directly take part in the product process, the deterioration of water quality will directly affect the quality of the products. Industrial cooling water dosage the biggest, water quality deterioration can also cause a blockage of the cooling water circulation system, corrosion and fouling problem, the increasing of water hardness can also affect the life and safety of the boiler. This is to a certain extent, affected the industrial output, and water pollution effects on human health, or for agriculture, fisheries and other side effects, are largely influence in the development of the economy!
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