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Absorbent cotton filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

absorbent cotton filter

absorbent cotton filter applications:
absorbent cotton filter can be used in the electronics industry, electroplating, PCB, organic solution, electronic pure water, etc.
petroleum chemical industries: chemical products, printing ink, paint, coatings, etc.
the pharmaceutical industry: sugar, alcohol, medicine, detergents and other industrial

absorbent cotton filter characteristics and parameters:

filter length: inches and inches, inches and inches
filter filtration precision: um
filter working temperature: c
residue in high load capacity compatibility

high temperature resistant, alkali resistant
deep filtration effect is good, large flow

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TZD use water filter
Y type filter DN
pp line pp skeleton line around the filter element
cotton wool stainless steel skeleton in line around the
in line around the filter element
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