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Activated carbon fiber filter are introduced

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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properties of activated carbon fiber filter is composed of cellulose and activated carbon powder composite depth filtration, combined with the double function of active carbon adsorption filter material structure, filter the column in the outer layer is a precision fiber filter material coated lining, along with activated carbon fiber cloth round shape; When liquid flows through the filter material, the depth of the outer fiber filter material structure can stop pollution particles, the activated carbon in the filter cloth can remove the peculiar smell, odor and sediment in the filtrate, pigment, volatile organic compounds ( VOC) And organic chemicals; The innermost fiber filter material, the filter material to prevent carbon particles and tiny pollutants at the end of the flow, can provide the filtrate of the final quality to ensure the integrity and filtering processing. Activated carbon is a porous material, has the ability of adsorption of organic compounds, so it is widely used in chemical process, used to remove ( Adsorption) Don't need to be in the filtrate of pollution particles, as and oil decolorization, deodorization and go to tools; Due to the strength of the adsorption force ( Efficiency) , depends on the way, the flow rate of the filtrate, filtration and activated carbon type of contact time, contact area, etc. , so the right choice process conditions using the filter material, liquid filtration material can greatly improve processing efficiency, improve the quality of the liquid filtration. Product technical performance indicators using temperature 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ filtration precision: 5 & mu; m 10μ M diameter: 28 mm outside diameter: 58 mm ~ 112 mm length: 127 mm to 762 mm application field of liquid filtration of the surface treatment, electroplating solution solution filter photographic development of aromatic oil and remove free chlorine and volatile organic compounds in the solution to remove water, RO pure water machine filtering processing of peculiar smell, odor, organic pigment removal of organic chemistry in the solution to remove the nylon membrane filter source: unknown time: 2012 - 12 - 03 09:42 click: 163 nylon membrane filter, the filter medium for nylon ( Nylon6) Microporous membrane filter. There are zero. 2μ 米,0。 45μ 米,0。 65μ M and 1 & mu; M four aperture for customers to choose. Adopt unique fusion methods, no glue, no foreign body fall off. The integrity of each filter are through strict test, to ensure product performance characteristics for nylon membrane hydrophilic, uniform aperture and has strong flexibility, can guarantee the effective retaining capacity to meet the application requirement of precision filtration. Chemical compatibility is good, can be compatible with most health reagent, resistant to solubility to 50% H2O2 and 1. 6% bleach ( 800PPmNaClo) 。 No fiber loss, release the content is extremely low, fully in line with the pharmaceutical industry standards. Typical application electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor industrial water filter high purity chemical liquid filter filter liquid beverage drinks filter addresses
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