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Activated carbon filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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activated carbon filter products are two broad categories: compression type activated carbon filter, bulk type activated carbon filter. 1, compression type filter using high adsorption of coal activated carbon and activated carbon coconut shell activated carbon as the filter material, food grade glue sintering compression forming. Compression activated carbon filter inside and outside are wrapped in a layer of filtering effect of non-woven fabric, to ensure that the core itself does not drop carbon powder, carbon core ends with soft nitrile butadiene rubber gasket, make carbon core cartridge is loaded with good sealing. 2, bulk type activated carbon filter will need the activated carbon particles in the special plastic casing, the end cover with welding equipment in the shell of the two ends, at both ends of the shell are respectively in the filtering effect of non-woven filter, make sure it won't drop carbon core in the use of carbon powder and blackwater. According to the needs of customers, shell end cover can be made of different types of connectors. Interface methods are: pressure, pipeline ( Models are: 4042, 4044, 4046, etc. ) 。 Filter product features outstanding chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering the strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent; Membrane filter for folding deep filtration, membrane filtration area is large; Low differential pressure, pollutant carrying capacity is strong, long service life; Have wide filtration precision can choose network address
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