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Activated carbon filter and printing and dyeing wastewater treatment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Because the activated carbon has great specific surface area and developed pore structure, the adsorption removal of pollutants in the water at the same time, also become the ideal habitats of waterborne microbes. Under the appropriate conditions of temperature and nutrition, use it for water treatment, can also play a dual role of activated carbon adsorption and biodegradation microorganism, this effect is called the biological activated carbon. Activated carbon adsorption above quality can provide a stable living environment for microbes, and the presence of microbes also provides a biological activated carbon regeneration function, the overall effect is turn with penetrates the instability of the phenomenon of adsorption process steady state process.
activated carbon for water treatment including powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon. Powdered activated carbon with the method of directly into raw water, commonly used for removing the seasonal produce yixiu such as grain or taste, smell, and the removal of surface active agent, pesticide, etc. , can also in chemical water pollution accidents as an emergency treatment measures. Using powdered activated carbon for water treatment for intermittent operation, according to the different attention should be paid to control of water feed ratio, contact time and the choice of feeding point. Using granular activated carbon for water treatment, generally USES the fixed bed and moving bed for continuous operation, activated carbon regeneration on a regular basis. Granular and powdered carbon effect is the same, but its carbon loss not easily, easy to regeneration reuse, suitable for use in a lighter pollution and continuous operation of the water treatment process, and powdered carbon is not easy to recycle, generally for one-time use, used intermittently pollution water treatment technology of the heavier.
in the treatment of industrial wastewater. Activated carbon in the primary, secondary and tertiary treatment process may be used. For complex industrial wastewater pollution components, in most cases need to be combined processing several kinds of treatment techniques, activated carbon is often in the depth of the combination process finally processing applications. In addition, the activated carbon can be associated with different material application, the formation of new technology, in order to obtain better treatment effect.
in the level of physical and chemical processing of waste water, the activated carbon is mainly used as flocculation adsorption separation agent, used for adsorption or assist flocculation some difficult to biodegrade, or on the microorganisms have toxic organic pollutants. The most typical is the application technology of powder activated carbon process, add in the petrochemical, dyeing, coking industry wastewater suitable amount of powder activated carbon, non-biodegradable in waste water can remove chromaticity, smelly, avoiding the phenomenon of aeration tank foam, at the same time can make the coagulation floc or biological floc grow rapidly and precipitation, also can remove the heavy metal ions in waste water and its complex.
to COD, BOD, such as printing and dyeing and petrochemical waste water containing basin is higher, the combination of activated carbon can also be used to deal with the secondary system. In the secondary biochemical degradation process process, activated carbon used as all kinds of new type high load more biochemical reactor of biofilm carrier packing, can enrichment of organic matter, improve the biochemical degradation rate and the final conversion rate, also can improve the heavy water reactor. At the same time, the activated carbon as biofilm carrier, also can form the biological activated carbon, greatly prolongs the service life of activated carbon.
at present, the application of activated carbon in water purification has very extensive. In the United States and Japan, drinking water purification activated carbon adsorption facilities are very common; Activated carbon for water treatment in developed countries accounted for about 40% of the total amount of active carbon - Activated carbon for water treatment accounted for 50%, the United States each year more than 45% of the total U. S. production of activated carbon. All water in Beijing have been activated carbon purification in China, Shanghai, shenzhen and other cities also is pushing, family activated carbon water filter application also began to spread. Is expected in the near future, activated carbon in the field of water treatment in our country will get leap type development.
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