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Activated carbon filter internal anti-corrosion notice what item

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Activated carbon filter is adsorbed by activated carbon filter material of organic matter in water, ion impurities such as mechanical filter, is a kind of mechanical filter, mainly through the backwashing, is wash to wash the filter material.
has certain corrosion, activated carbon adsorption of metal ions in the first place he has certain corrosion to tanks, and secondly because of activated carbon and the formation of electrochemical corrosion of tank, accelerated the corrosion of mechanical filter, he doesn't like quartz sand and quartz sand filter, precision filter core and filter bag, the bag filter has their tank corrosion resistance is small, so the activated carbon filter must be internal corrosion. Inside the
activated carbon filter USES the rubber lining or coating epoxy anticorrosive, relatively speaking, rubber lining anticorrosion performance than epoxy anticorrosion. And the durability, rubber lining filter is better than epoxy filters, because in activated carbon filter is easy to wash and backwashing process activated carbon wear off. But the cost of rubber lining is far higher than the cost of epoxy, so for a preservative which should be considered.
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