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Activated carbon filter of the actual water purification effect

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
With various types of water filter is more and more popular, more and more people began to wonder if the water filter is what and how they work, with 'activated carbon' and a 'charcoal' these two things, in most filters are quite obvious, whether it is a whole house filter, filter, filter, mesa sink even filter bottle, will appear an understandable question: 'what is activated carbon, charcoal is what? Activated carbon filter are common in today. Charcoal is carbon, we can simply say, activated carbon is carbon treatment with oxygen, do so, the charcoal carbon atoms will open millions of hole, so they are 'activate', this is because when the carbon atoms in the hole is opened, and they will become high water absorption, absorption from the gas or liquid smell or color material, and the threat to our health amounts of chemicals and other substances. If the use of special manufacturing process, the surface area of porous carbon can be up to 300 - per gram 2000 square meters, some people use 'activated carbon', while others use 'charcoal', because when activated carbon is activated, it will become a charcoal, so, for water filter, activated carbon and charcoal is the same. Powdered activated carbon and granular activated carbon can be used the whole house water filter, water filter, water filter mesa underwater, the tap water filter, water tank and water bottles
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