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Activated carbon filter purification effect

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Pay special attention to control the carbon filter and bacterial growth in the system, especially in the medical application, pharmaceutical application and drinking water system, activated carbon filter plays an important role in water treatment. Activated carbon filter is an effective method for removal of organic pollutants in water, organic matter is composed of two basic elements of carbon and hydrogen, because organic chemicals usually cause taste, odor and color problem, so it is usually possible to use ac filter to improve the unpleasant. Similar to other types of water treatment, activated carbon filter for some pollutants effectively, but does not apply to other pollutants, activated carbon filters cannot remove microbes, sodium, nitrates, fluoride, and hardness, lead and other heavy metals only by a very special activated carbon filter. Suggest water test on a regular basis, in order to reduce the risk of drinking contaminated water, many pollutants is unable to detect the senses, even can detect by color, smell, or taste, but only a lab test to tell you the actual quantity of pollutants, the test should always be conducted by reputable or certified laboratory.
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