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Activated carbon filter removal efficiency

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
First, don't desorption: no secondary pollution, many people know that they are afraid to buy water purifier cannot achieve the effect of clean water, but can cause secondary pollution, because generally used water purifier filter is a granular activated carbon, granular activated carbon due to the influence of water flow collide with each other, make the filtered water black, at the same time, again the release of pollutants by, the formation of secondary pollution, the small make up take you to know how about activated carbon filter removal efficiency. Ordinary water purifier filter using granular activated carbon, but only granular activated carbon adsorption function, and tortuous microporous activated carbon rod filter has a rich, good adsorption effect not only, and large volume, larger impurities are blocking action, so it can be used for two purposes. High removal efficiency, no waste: granular activated carbon filter, in the process of using water in an instant, can only come into contact with activated carbon particle surface, its internal most can't use, wasteful, and ground into superfine powder rod products, specific surface area increases, adsorption microporous also will increase significantly, and every part of the active carbon can be in contact with the water fully, both high efficiency and practical, and high filtering efficiency. Granular activated carbon filter particles clearance between big, activated carbon and the insufficient water contact, affect the filtering effect of the water purifier itself, but the rod filter has the uniform distortion of microporous activated carbon and let every drop of water and a good contact with activated carbon, improve the filtering performance of water purifier.
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