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Activated carbon filter water purification is introduced

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
I believe everyone know activated carbon adsorption is strong, so often used for purifying filtration system, and activated carbon filter is mainly used for water purifier or air purifier. Activated carbon is mainly composed of wood, coal, nut shell, bone, oil residue such as carbon materials, it is a kind of porous carbon, with very abundant pore structure and good adsorption properties, its to physical adsorption and chemical adsorption, appearance is black. In addition to the main charcoal, it also contains a small amount of hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, and its structure similar to hexagon, because of the irregularity hexagon structure, it was identified as high specific surface area, the characteristics of the activated carbon surface is equivalent to 1000 square meters per gram. Based on adsorption characteristics of activated carbon, activated carbon is mainly used for removing the pollutants in the water, decoloring, filtration and purification of liquid and gas, so as to change the water quality, improve the taste, also can be used for air purification and gas recovery ( Such as chemical industry) Benzene recycling. Above is the introduction to activated carbon filter function, I hope this helpful for you, if you have any requirements, please call our company advisory.
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