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Activated carbon filter water treatment effect and the factors influencing the function

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
1, the characteristics of activated carbon,
activated carbon filter filter medium is activated carbon, activated carbon is a kind of black powder, granular or pellet with porous amorphous carbon, main ingredients for carbon, also contain a small amount of oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen and chlorine. Also has the fine structure of graphite as, just smaller grain size, layer upon layer between the irregular accumulation. With a larger surface area ( 500 ~ 1000 m2 / g) , has a strong adsorption, can adsorption on the surface of gas, liquid or colloidal solid; For gas, liquid, adsorption material quality can be close to the quality of the activated carbon itself. With selective adsorption, nonpolar substance than polarity easier to adsorption. In the same series of material, the higher the boiling point of material, the more easily by adsorption, the greater the pressure temperature, the lower the concentration, the greater the adsorption capacity is larger. Conversely, reduced pressure, temperature of gas desorption. Often used in gas adsorption, separation and purification, solvent recovery, liquid sugar, petroleum oil, glycerin, drugs, drinking water and refrigerator deodorant, gas masks in the filter poison, also can be used as a catalyst or the carrier of metal salt catalysts. Early in the production of activated carbon materials for wood, hard shells or animal bones, then mainly adopt coal, after carbonization and activation treatment for activated carbon production methods are: (1) steam, gas, activation method. The use of steam or carbon dioxide carbon activation in 850 ~ 900 ℃. (2) chemical activation method. Using gas emitted by activator, or with activator soaking raw material, activated carbon can be obtained after heat treatment.
2, the effect of activated carbon filter,
activated carbon filter pressure vessel is a kind of fill the coarse quartz sand cushion layer and high quality activated carbon for pressure vessel. In water pretreatment system, activated carbon filter can filter adsorption before class can't remove the level of residual chlorine in order to prevent the reverse osmosis membrane by the oxidation degradation, as well as adsorption was magnitude leakage of small molecule organic pollutants, such as peculiar smell, colloid and pigment, heavy metal ions in water, the adsorption removal effect of COD, etc have more apparent. Can further reduce the SDI value of RO water, assure SDI< 5,TOC< 2. Oppm。
active carbon adsorption filter is activated carbon for waste water, using activated carbon itself has the ability of adsorption and decolorization, remove the impurities in the liquid, the purified water quality. Its adsorption and decolorization ability mainly embodied in the following aspects:
1, can absorb the water of organic matter, colloid particles, bacteria and microorganism.
2, can remove chlorine and ammonia, bromine, iodine, etc. Nonmetal material.
3, can adsorption of metal ions, such as: silver, cobalt, bismuth, arsenic, hexavalent chromium, mercury, antimony, tin, plasma.
4, can effectively remove chromaticity and smell.
based on the adsorption characteristics of activated carbon, activated carbon is mainly used for removing the pollutants in the water, decoloring, filtering, purifying liquid, gas, also used for the purification of air and exhaust gas recycling ( In the chemical industry such as gas' benzene recycling) Recycling and refining, precious metals ( For example, the absorption of gold) 。 With the development of science, the purpose of the activated carbon is becoming more and more widely, as the country's emphasis on the ecological environment, the activated carbon also plays a more and more important role.
activated carbon filter of the work was done through the coal bed. Of coal activated carbon particles of the bed there are so many microporous and huge specific surface area, strong physical adsorption capacity. Water through the coal bed, organic pollutants in water by activated carbon adsorption effectively. Also activated carbon on the part surface of crystals can some of the oxygen tube, made by the coal bed of water was effectively activated carbon adsorption of organic pollutants. Activated carbon filter is a kind of commonly used water treatment equipment, water treatment desalination system as level after pretreatment can effectively guarantee the equipment service life and improve water quality, pollution prevention, especially to prevent reverse osmosis membrane, pollution of ion exchange resin and so on more than the free oxygen toxicity.
3, what are the factors influencing carbon filter
the adsorption effect and service life of activated carbon filter main factors are: the kinds and concentrations of pollutants, the retention time of air flow in the filter material, the temperature and the humidity of the air.
actual use, according to pollutant type, concentration, and the ventilation conditions, determine the form and types of activated carbon filter.
activated carbon filter is also our filter source water treatment equipment co. , LTD. Main products, made of 304 stainless steel and carbon steel lining plastic material, USES the high quality of nut shell or coconut shell activated carbon, activated carbon reverse wash clean. Effluent is clear.
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