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Activated carbon filter will be used up

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Activated carbon filter is mainly composed of graphite structure of carbon, graphite, it is different from it completely with stochastic structure, within the scope of this structure in large aperture high porosity, can be divided into three categories: big hole, the hole, microporous, different pore structure of carbon has very large specific surface area ( About 2500 m2 / g) And allow the carbon adsorption compounds. The working principle of activated carbon is a compound of its adsorption removal, adsorption ability, short range, the distance between the surface and the adsorption of carbon molecular sensitive, can use it in many ways, as the filter is very appropriate also. To successfully activated carbon was applied to a process, you should carefully define the specifications of the products processing required, sometimes there will be a measurable changes, such as color, in both cases, the process should be well defined, so the results can be repeated. If process definition is not good, the product may be inadequate processing, lead to rework is not successful, if excessive processing, the color of the products may be required by irreversible loss, once established specifications, carefully small-scale or laboratory test will help determine the level of active carbon and effective work, and how much each product need carbon medium.
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