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Activated carbon precision hydraulic filter equipment maintenance method

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Keywords: activated carbon precision hydraulic filter

keyword description: activated carbon precision hydraulic filter equipment maintenance methods

activated carbon precision filter equipment in practical cases, should pay attention to the maintenance, so as to make it longer service life. 1, filter under the condition of the long-term need not, must be clean and to filter out the washing to dry, sealed plastic bags storage don't pollute, filter cleaning deposit, don't damage. 2, change the filter element and not to be exposed to the air for a long time, soaking in acid and alkali solution, soaking time not more than 24 hours, acid, alkali, temperature in 25 ℃ & ndash; 50℃。 Suggest acid or alkali and water than 10 - 20% as well. High protein content of the filtrate, best enzyme solution soak filter, cleaning effect is good, update again use, must be cleaned with steam sterilization. 3, filter disinfection should pay attention to grasp the time and temperature, polypropylene in the high temperature disinfection cabinet with 121 ℃ advisable, steam sterilization in 0. 1 mpa steam under pressure, with 130 ℃ / 20 minutes advisable, polysulfone and ptfe steam sterilization, can reach 142 ℃, pressure 0. 2 mpa, time about 30 minutes advisable, if the temperature is too high, time is too long, pressure is too big, can damage the filter. Guangzhou filter source water filter equipment co. , LTD. Is China's first development and production of water filter various types of products are: PP wire wound filter, PP folded filter, PP melt-blown filter, activated carbon filter, resin filter, big flow filter, and provide the matching equipment professional factories, was also the first three development line around the filter, and participate in the formulation of the chemical wire wound type filter core ( Water filter) One of the industry standard drafting unit. Sincerely look forward to cooperation with you!
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