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Activated carbon rod filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

activated carbon rod filter

about activated carbon rod filter:

this product USES the non-toxic ` tasteless efficient coconut shell activated carbon and coal activated carbon as the main body,
in adhesive with consumption level material, after special craft processing forming, it is integrated with adsorption filtration or catalysis,
is liquid, loose activated carbon for air purification industry, instead of an ideal new generation products.

activated carbon rod filter parameters:

product features:
& middot; Dechlorination ` except flavour ` organic solvent decoloring effect is good
& middot; Adsorption ability, high mechanical strength
& middot; Uniform density and long service life
& middot; Don't release carbon powder
& middot; Water purification treatment, food decolorizing
& middot; Oilfield workover night and water filtration
& middot; Chemical liquid ` electroplating
technical parameters:
& middot; Filter material: pickling coal quality carbon and water washing coconut shell charcoal
& middot; Outer diameter: / & throughout; /” ”

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