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Advantages and structure of bag filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
the characteristics of bag filter bag filter overcomes the traditional filter results in small, not easy to clean, cannot monitor and so on a series of problems, effectively provides a new sewage treatment scheme. More bag filter impurities in water can filter layer, the impurity particles in water, through multiple filter bag filter, will be left in the inside of the bag filter in the filter, filters under water to rebirth. Many bag filter is also able to more detailed sewage filtering, as long as adjust, according to more than the thickness of the pockets of bag filter can be highly specific to each type of sewage treatment. How the rational use of bag filter, not only for industrial production to improve the drainage of sewage quality, saving the cost of sewage, for the protection of the environment at the same time has also made a great contribution.
2, bag filter structure
more through its unique filter bag filter structure and components, when the filtrate through the filter, the inlet conduit flow into the filter bag, filter bag itself is a device in the network, to the fineness of liquid through levels of filter bag can obtain filtrate, and impurities is blocked by effective outside of the filter bag. This filtering approach greatly reduces the water turbidity, make particles were effectively intercept. When multiple filter bag filter bag impurity accumulation, change rise very simple, convenient, does not produce the consumption of boring when filtering, is green, energy saving, strong filterability of sewage treatment equipment.
many of filter bag filter is very special, it adopts hydrophilic sterile folded filter, large flux, strong adsorption of proteins and microbial agents. Its unique excellent features is applicable to various types of sewage treatment. In biochemistry, pharmaceutical, food processing, etc, play an enormous role.
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