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Air compressor filter is how to work?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Air compressor filter and water filter, the applications are different for different industries. So, what is the working principle of air compressor filter? How is work?

air compressor filter can remove the solid dust, oil and gas in the compressed air machine particles and liquid substances, in the running process to produce the oil in the compressed air into the cooler.

through mechanical separation processing into the oil and gas filter, intercept and aggregation of oil mist, the formation of oil drops of concentrated at the bottom of the device and return to the compressor lubrication system, make its access to higher quality, more pure compressed air.

air compressor filter of oil and gas separation filter is decided to exclude the compressed air quality of one of the key components, correct installation and maintaining good maintenance will be able to ensure the service life of oil and gas separation filter, and the quality of compressed air.
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