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Air compressor oil separator filter core is used in which area?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Air compressor oil and gas separation filter is used to separate oil from compressed air, compressed air cleaner, and take out oil, continue to cycle in the compressor. Air compressor oil and gas separation filter main structure is divided into three parts: the filter material: using the high pressure glass fiber filter material, filtering effect is good; Filter layer: multi-layer winding, filtering effect is good; Skeleton in the inner frame: thickening, effectively support the filter layer air compressor oil and gas separation filter is mainly used in the following areas: 1. Used for rolling mill, continuous casting machine and all kinds of lubrication equipment hydraulic system of filter. two Petroleum chemical industry, oil refining and chemical products and intermediate products during the production of separation recycling, production process of liquid purification, tape, CD and purification of photographic film, oil field injection Wells and gas particle removal and filtering. 3. Textile: polyester melt in uniform tension in the process of purification and filtration, the protection of the air compressor filters, compressed gas oil removal in addition to the water.
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