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Air flotation equipment in the sewage treatment works

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Air flotation equipment, including complete separation process of gas pools and bubble accessory equipment. Water treatment, air flotation can be used in the precipitation is not applicable to occasions, with separation density close to water and sedimentation of suspended solids, such as oils and fats, fiber, algae, etc. , can also be used to concentrate the active sludge.
air floated equipment through the air compressor to dissolve into the high pressure air tank pressure, and release a sudden rapid decompression, release, will be a lot of air into the water, produce a large number of tiny air bubbles in the water, tiny air bubbles and after mixed reaction, the impurities of clung together, make the floc density less than 1, which float on the surface, forming bubbles ( Gas, water and particles) Three-phase mixture, so that the pollutants are separated from the wastewater, purifying effect. Add coagulant wastewater and dissolving tank high voltage output of dissolved air water condensation of air flotation equipment within the reaction at the same time, from the original body of the floe into flocculation is the process of working process of the air floating device, the reaction principle of drug diffusion, coagulation hydrolysis colloidal stability off limbs, impurities gathered, micro flocculated grain of touch together, make the colloid particle size from 0. 001 microns condensed into 2 mm flocculation body to rise rapidly, sediment scrape slag machine timing be scraped, after reaction flotation of discharge water from the sump tank air flotation equipment automatically.
air floated equipment mainly has three parts, namely the pressure dissolved air system, dissolved gas release system and air floatation separation system. Air flotation device of the pressure dissolved air system including water pump, air compressor, pressure dissolving tank and other ancillary equipment. The pressure dissolving tank is a key to influence the effect of air floatation device dissolved air equipment, the company scientific research personnel through carries on the improvement, to the domestic advanced level. Dissolved air release system is composed of water release gas and dissolved air. Reiz air floating device series of environmental protection of air flotation separation system has three types, namely the horizontal flow, vertical flow and integrated type.
air floated equipment suitable for electroplating wastewater, papermaking wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, such as food slaughtering sewage treatment and water treatment, and gray water recycle, etc.
complete air floating device will gas pool, chemical equipment, dissolving tank, dissolved air pump and air compressor integrated organically integrated. Can shorten the installation time and reduce the workload. Cover an area of an area small, easy to operate, and does not need to do. Good as long as the user unit connected to adjust PH value of wastewater to in and out of the nozzle, once after debugging good, normal operation, no need of personnel management, the operation achieves the automatic and management state.
the pressure dissolved air float in the air floating device is the most widely used. Compared with other gas floating device, the air floated equipment has the following advantages:
1, pressure conditions, the solubility of air, gas float with the bubble number, to ensure that air flotation effect;
2, into the gas by the sudden stress release, the bubble is not only fine, uniform particle size, high intensity, stable and buoyancy, the liquid tiny disturbance, therefore particularly suitable for loose flocculating body, the tiny particles of solid liquid separation;
3, the process of air flotation equipment and the equipment is simple, convenient for management and maintenance.
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