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Alibaba listed historic moment in the United States

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
As water treatment equipment company, for the city of alibaba, a listed company, our mood is very excited and joyful. Alibaba is also our marketing platform for water treatment, believe that will be able to do better and better.
11 when 50 points or so, alibaba launched the opening, relative to 68 dollars per share price surged 36%. Alibaba's public, at this moment the dust settles.
the securities in the history of the largest IPO was born. Alibaba fluctuating market value at $230 billion, to become the second largest Internet companies the securities market.
at half past six in the morning, is located in Manhattan, New York Wall Street at the gate of the nyse, global media has been gathered, wait for witness alibaba historic moment.
7, ma arrives at. He distribution type, wearing a dark suit, blue shirt, the breasts with alibaba golden badge wave and the media. Ma had roadshow for two weeks before, echo is very hot. At the moment he relaxed.
photography and camera reporters rushed to after wai, journalists are pulled out the phone began to take pictures. Nearly 100 listed Chinese media report came to alibaba.
alibaba raised nearly $21. 8 billion, up to $25 billion, will be a landmark milestone. The Wall Street journal also said the Internet power shift to Asia.
jack ma and masayoshi son, Mr. Lu ( Alibaba CEO) Such as people gathered in front of the nyse group photo as a souvenir. As early as January 2000, alibaba founded just a few months, you get son investment of $20 million. The investment turned out to be more than $500 in market value today, Mr. Son named Japan's richest man, at the moment, he is the spring breeze.
at half past eight clock, ma and global employee dialogue by video link, 'alibaba is a luck, luck from the Internet, from China, from every one of us', Mr Ma said.
in 1903 opened the nyse, filled with alibaba element today. Outside the wall, shoot the lamp to illuminate the alibaba banner of white and orange, with China and the United States flag in front of; Trading floor of LCD screen, presents the alibaba orange logo ( LOGO) ; Bell platform, also hung orange background. Nearly half past nine minutes,
the nyse trading hall as usual, traders from time to time to talk, walk, waiting for the trading began.
suddenly, applause rang, ma into the hall, on the platform of eight alibaba's customers, dressed in a white T-shirt, common ring the bell. Founder jack ma said later, by the customer, not the bell has been appreciated all the partners.
after the bell, traders, and media gathered at the counter of barclays bank, focus on trading data screen, waiting for the determination of the final price. Barclays bank is listed on alibaba marketmakers. Because alibaba plate is too big, collection price information between the seller and the buyer need a long time. Jack ma
in the meantime, beside CNBC television studio in nyse on stage, the live interview. Ma said, his hero is forrest gump, whenever frustrated when it comes to see the film.
alibaba's biggest shareholder masayoshi son asked if they will sell stocks, he said: 'this is not the end, but a beginning.
after more than two hours of the buyer and the seller game of power, and for the first deal opening price shown at the top right corner of the screen, cheers.
Mr. Ma and Mr. Lu then accepted the media interview in China, as one of China's Internet industry's most successful entrepreneurs, Mr Ma said that entrepreneurs to the muscles of the body, is not the greatest muscle is knowledge, and the largest operating system is the heart of courage.
we believe that alibaba's listed as one of the hottest topics on the night.
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