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Alternative filter, filter bag big traffic 1 2 filter bag

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Filter bag big flow filter filtration material is made of high quality, by folding process design of equipments of the filter material filter area makes the filter filtration flow resistance small, reduces the filter using the filter to reduce the number of the filter replacement number, saving the maintenance cost greatly, filtering products competitive economy.

filter has big filter area, carrying capacity is high, the service life is long;
physical strong, make impact deformation filter performance is stable,
from inside to outside filter makes dirt gently intercept in internal won't pollution downstream
can directly replace the no. 1, 2, filter bag filter, installation convenient

parameter filter diameter 152-6 inches
154 mm filter length: 16 inches of replacement filter bag 1, 32 inch replacement filter bag
2 end cover filter material: PP polypropylene sealing material:
ethylene propylene rubber, butyl eyes rubber, fluorine rubber
working temperature: 5 - 80 ℃
maximum differential pressure: 3. 4 bar, 60 ℃
recommended to replace the differential: 2. 4 bar, 20 ℃

application domain filter

fruit drinks process plant mills preliminary water filtration

microelectronics spraying industry petroleum and chemical water treatment filter
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