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Alternative PALL the advantage of large flow water filter and maintenance skills

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Type of different flow characteristics and performance are also different water filter, the existence of the PALL big flow water filter have what advantage? What problem can be solved in the actual? Use after a period of time, what are the matters needing attention in the aspect of maintenance?

PALL big flow water filter carrying is convenient, its filter layer from the water to the water, the aperture from coarse to fine, ensure that the impurities remaining in the filter element, avoid secondary pollution.

it is outside into the inside structure and go out into the structure of two kinds of way, make it easier to replace, at the same time ensure that the pollutants block inside the filter element. In addition the equipment scope of application is very wide, whether startup is still the runtime can use in succession.

PALL big flow water filter adopts horizontal pleating skills, in limited space inside the filtering area, at the same time, to ensure that the per unit area have fluid through the filter medium, effective filtering area of conversion rate and the efficiency is very high.

PALL big flow water filter maintenance methods and techniques:

(1) check the o-rings first, and then clean the end of the filter seal, flat on seal groove;

soak o-rings (2) using the process liquid;

(3) to get off bags, cover head, tighten the rings hold-down bolts;

4. Put the shell at the top of the valve open effectively;

5) to the inlet valve open a bit, make the liquid into the shell until the issue from the bleed valve, close the purge valve.

6 gradually will effectively open the outlet valve, and then slowly turn the inlet valve effectively;

7 to 10 'filter with flow rinse 5 ~ 10 minutes;

end filter cannot support big traffic impact, also can't let its opposite direction under pressure.
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