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Alternative ParkerRFP010 - 40 large flow filter, factory direct sale

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Alternative ParkerRFP010 - 40 big flow filter with a diameter of 152 mm thick diameter physical fold wave, filter inside with high strength polypropylene PP center frame, moving from outside to inside, outside retainer folding wave filter body has a mix of filter materials in the frame.
this type of large flow filter than other big filter area, so there are the advantages of high flow and pollutant carrying amount, generally used in RO reverse osmosis system in the front of the front forecast filtration use.

choose pure PP membrane filter, the filter material, water don't advance after wetting, is close to the membrane filter can be used immediately cut the operation in time,
many filter material, composite increased thickness, reach the role of deep filter, filter area increase, improves the carrying quantity, and service life,
chemical compatibility is good, suitable for a variety of industrial wastewater and occasions,
mechanical tensile properties, excellent filtration can be harsh operating conditions is not easy to deformation,
filter material, safety, low precipitation rate is not easy to cause the secondary pollution

material: the filter material, PP polypropylene film
skeleton, end cover:
PP polypropylene filter filter rating: 1 um, 5 um, 10 um, um 20, 50 um, etc.
size: 10 ', 20, 30 ', 40 ', 60 ', etc. ( Various sizes can be customized) O-rings,
material: silicon rubber, nitrile butadiene rubber, epdm rubber, fluorine rubber,
processing: hot plate fusion welding
the highest working temperature: 80 ℃, 0. 28 mpa
the most-positive differential pressure: 0. 34MPa( 21℃)

desalination pretreatment, microelectronics,
mechanical & amp; Equipment water treatment

, steel plant, food and pharmaceutical
oil, paint, printing ink, condensed water processing plant
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