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Alternative RTM40HF050EM1 water filter 20 - big flow 60 inches

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Alternative RTM40HF050EM1 big production flow water filter inside and outside the PP plastic skeleton heating to reinforce welded together with modern production equipment, the PP material does not contain any chemical element, physical folding process makes the filter filter area larger filtering flow more big, the initial pressure to reduce the capacity of large amount of sludge characteristics such as

high filter area, larger filtering flow
low initial pressure difference, high carrying amount,

PP material of fine chemical compatibility low precipitation rate does not cause secondary pollution
PP material environmental handling fee so

material: PP polypropylene folding process
size: diameter 6. 20 inches, 5 inches nominal 160 mm length 40 inches optional
seal: O nitrile rubber material has ethylene propylene rubber fluorine rubber teflon silicone rubber
recommended operating temperature: 80 ℃
filter precision: 1,3,5,10,20,40,70,90,150 mu m

thermal condensed water filtering
RO, UF, NF system preliminary filtering
sewage filtering
chemical raw material or process water filtration
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