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American cities how to respond to climate change

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The natural resources defense council this month, michelle to want the answer report? Mehta ( Michelle Mehta) Said: 'we are currently mainly in the research and planning stage. 'The the report for more than a dozen us cities across the United States will be evaluated the influence of the review. She said, some projects can meet the current needs, at the same time, it will help the city to tackle climate change, many projects still focus on the 'tailored' on climate change. Climate change has become a global issue, the United States in major cities have begun to set goals, limit greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change.
the regional environmental board us division climate project director Brian? Holland ( 布莱恩荷兰) Said: 'this is a new field. 'The council' to adapt to climate community 'project, launched last year to help the urban studies the effects of climate change, and provide funding for a response. About 600 local government to join the project, covered a quarter of the population in the United States.
California chula vista for pad xin-jian gao riverside buildings foundation, because sea levels could rise in the next 40 years 0. 3 m to 0. 46 meters. The city has also approved a climate plan in May, called for planting more trees, to build more reflective of the roof.
Chicago, expects the future flood disaster will aggravate, citizens if rain barrel is placed in its own backyard and compost bins, plant native plants, tax incentives. At the same time, also vigorously to plant trees in the city, and the surface of the concrete pavement permeability differential use waterproof materials, so that rain water seeping into underground. At present there are more than 600 local roof greening in the project has been completed or are implementing. The city of Chicago chief sustainability officer Karen? Helwig, 凯伦Weigert) Said: 'we are to the city to be able to quickly adapt to climate change. '
plan next year in three locations in San Francisco, built to prevent water overflow after entering the city's comprehensive rainwater and sewage system. The city's public utilities commission of David? Bihar ( 大卫比哈尔) Said that the rise in sea level has caused flooding four to seven times each year, ruined the water treatment.
in the same expected sea-level rise in New York City, the height of the sewage treatment plant water pump will be promoted. New York made a $1. 5 billion, 20-year green infrastructure plan, used to help manage heavy rain storm runoff. For the current local government funding these projects is a challenge, New York City's long-term planning and sustainability manager David? Prague ( 大卫Bragdon) Said: 'this is changing our way of doing things, in order to adapt to the future likely to lay the foundation.
do good to the environment, the environment will also be kind to the human, the main is we want in case is given priority to, protect the environment, everyone duty.
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