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An American association of illegal water treatment products in China

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Without the consent of the relevant departments in China strongly condemned the United States water quality association engaged in illegal water treatment equipment certification in our country.
recently, the state announced that on the water quality association without the approval of the state without authorization in China engaged in water treatment products for certification and accreditation certificate. Their behavior violated the 'certification and accreditation regulation of the People's Republic of China' regulation, illegal certification. To this, the state has warned that must choose legal certification institution approved by the national certification services. For similar illegal organizations or individuals engaging in activities of certification, can to the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, bureau of quality and technical supervision report or state.
according to the reporter understands, in April 2012, received by state certification and accreditation for WQA China representative office without approval, do STH without authorization to engage in certification activities within the territory of China. Recognize the prison committee according to the complaint content, entrust Shanghai inspection and quarantine bureau offices of WQA Shanghai representative office to investigate. According to the bureau, feedback survey WQA website Shanghai representative office of the original office address has been converted to other units, WQA American headquarters directly to the Chinese enterprises to implement review and issue the certificate. WQA is submitted to the inspection and quarantine bureau in Shanghai that material also confirmed this situation.
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