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Analyses of water to boil the white foam and dry powder

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
In the north and the south of jiangxi and hubei region often someone calls consultation, groundwater pumped up, after cooking, the pot in the white foam, such as water after dry, pan with a layer of white powder appeared and fouling, the water can drink? What's this white powder material? Here to give you answer.
use groundwater generally prone to this problem, because the water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions of groundwater, because of the salts of calcium and magnesium ions to form insoluble or slightly soluble in water, so the cooked in a pot, he won't be evaporated, under the condition of the water to boil, with water roll, floating in the edge of the pan, formed the white foam, if will dry up the pot of water, calcium and magnesium salt deposit in the bottom of the pot, when powder or lump, no matter in daily life, if it is appeared in the boiler salt precipitation calcium and magnesium ions, not only affect the boiler heat transfer effect, wasting energy, moreover there will be a boiler explosion, so, for boiler make-up water, to soften the filtration and purification treatment, we must remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, prevent boiler scale or agglomerate.
prevent boiler scale, the simplest way is to soften, generally used in low pressure boiler, boiler softening device, also known as boiler water softener, mainly by sodium ion exchange resin exchange of the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, to calcium and magnesium ion exchange resin, saturated, if resin with sodium chloride regeneration, and then set down on calcium and magnesium ion exchange resin, resin after regeneration can be softened to work again, the boiler water softener is boiler water softener of manual and automatic boiler water softener, automatic softening water equipment in small softened water equipment, automatic softening water equipment points time and flow rate, water softener, backwashing time type main timing, regeneration and cleaning. Flow type is set processing flow after backwashing, regeneration and cleaning. Control head is the core part of the softened water equipment, control head with American brand fleck and arturo progenitor, homebred have embellish new control valve. However, large water softener generally adopt manual.
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