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Analyses the descaling equipment in addition to calcium and magnesium ions

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
Such as the use of river water, groundwater and water in boiler make-up water, cooling water, or it is easy to appear fouling phenomenon, is the cooling water equipment failure, the boiler scaling phenomenon, then softening, must be conducted in the water treatment industry, the scale formation of oil cooling equipment and boiler scale, mainly to handle with demineralized water equipment, the introduction to demineralized water equipment related technologies:
automatic softening water equipment was brought in by soft water controller ( The FLECK rich lake, AUTOTROL arturo progenitor controller) , resin jar ( Generally for glass fiber reinforced plastic resin tank and stainless steel pot) , strong acid sodium ion Yang resin, salt box forming machine. At the same time provide support to repair fully automatic water softener, fully automatic water softener accessories supply. Automatic softening water equipment has small volume, simple operation, automatic operation without manual operation and other characteristics, has been widely used in industrial boiler, cooling circulating water, steelmaking, steel rolling, large transformer, hot water boiler, etc.
automatic softening water equipment standard working process mainly includes:
work ( Sometimes called water production, hereinafter the same) , backwashing, suck salt ( Regeneration) Flushing, slow ( Replacement) , quick wash five process. All the working procedure is very close to different softening water equipment, just due to the needs of different or control of actual process, there may be some additional process. Any based on sodium ion exchange softening water equipment is on the basis of the five process development ( Among them, the automatic softening water equipment can increase the brine refill process) 。
in very low running cost
1. 2 control introduced
automatic softener control program
the fully-automatic water softener regeneration can start according to traffic, the working process of the water softener, consists of the following several steps cycle:
A. Run ( Work)
raw water in a certain pressure ( 0. 2 - 0. 6Mpa) And flow rate, the valve cavity by the controller, into containers of ion exchange resin ( Resin tank) , resin contained in Na + and the cation in the water, Etc. ) Swapping, make water after processing of Ca2 +, magnesium 2 + ion content to achieve the established requirements ( < 0. 6mmol/L、30mg/L) , the realization of the softening of hard water.
  B. Demineralized water backwashing
resin adsorption failure after a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions, and then to regenerate before backwashing water from the bottom up, backwashing have two: the purpose of the
it is through the backwashing, make run loose medium pressure tight resin layer, is advantageous to the resin particles and good contact with the lotion,
the second is the runtime accumulation of suspended matter in the surface layer of resin and some broken resin particles with backwashing water flow out, also in this way, the flow resistance of a switch will not bigger and bigger. To the backwashing full resin particles were washed away, when designing water softener, wash on the resin layer with a certain amount of space, the greater the backwashing intensity backwashing space. Backwashing is good or bad directly affect the regeneration effect
C. Regenerated salt
the regeneration fluid absorption ( Sodium chloride solution) Under certain concentration of flow through the failure of the resin layer, the calcium and magnesium ion on the resin, the resin regeneration, to restore its original exchange capacity
D. Replacement ( Slow cleaning) After the
in the regenerative liquid into the, switch in resin layer of expansive space and has not been involved in regeneration of salt solution and exchange resin, with small flow of water and salt solution same direction flow, make good contact with liquid salt and resin, which completely and make full use of salt liquid resin regeneration.
  E. Are washing ( Quick cleaning)
the purpose is to remove the resin layer in the regeneration of waste liquid and residual displacement of calcium and magnesium ions, usually in cleaning flow speed until the water qualified
F. Regenerant box note
to dissolve salt box into regeneration needed salt consumption of water, in order to ensure that salt box in the salt solution concentration can reach saturation, first of all, should guarantee the dissolution time not less than 6 hours, second, must keep salt salt flat is always higher than the level in the box.
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