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Analyses the seven strategic emerging industries: water treatment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The water treatment industry chain of China at present, water treatment chemicals industry is still in its infancy, and paper, petroleum and chemical industry, textile, power generation and metal smelting industries such as wastewater discharge, needed to be more scientific and technological content of water treatment agent for processing. Therefore, research and development of technological innovation and the development of chemicals and water treatment equipment form a complete set, the function of all kinds of water treatment chemicals and varieties are also rich rise. Membrane water treatment equipment, not only can replace the low-end chemicals, with the development of various types of membrane products, and specialty chemicals, such as detergent, scale inhibitor, bactericide etc. Also play a role in promoting.
in the water treatment chemicals industry, our country is the country with the fastest growth in demand for the global market by an average 9% growth expand the scale of the industry, both power plants and other industrial water purification, and residents living water treatment, water treatment, has reached the national standard in our country, the market mechanism of active situation. And central and eastern Europe a lot of urban water supply and the demand of the sewage treatment plant, will eventually lead to the development of water treatment chemicals in China market. At present, the water treatment industry as one of the seven strategic emerging industries, the industrialization of water treatment chemicals industry, new solution gradually become the development focus, become an important driving force market release of production capacity. The threshold of the access and the market mechanism of water treatment chemicals in China are not very perfect and perfect, industry situation is still highly decentralized state, along with the modern enterprise the function gradually focus on solutions and services, water treatment chemicals industry in China will be a new integration. Now, multinational companies are from bulk chemicals market into specialty chemicals, it created the new train of thought for the development of the industry. As the global leader in nalco, elevate the concept of the solution to the consulting service category, help customers to optimize process steps. Ashland has built China r&d center in Shanghai, for the domestic papermaking enterprises such as lower energy consumption, reduce water consumption, environment protection as the goal of the package. Reasonable solution to the globalization trend of strengthening the industry layout, make the transition in the form of industry become the inevitable trend.
water treatment chemicals in China's industrial design, procurement and construction, operation and maintenance, after the foreign capital enterprise integration, opened in China as an important strategic market, and with the chemical technology upgrading, China's water treatment industry horizons to new heights, the development of water treatment chemicals in China is already the trend of The Times.
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