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Analysis of the role of activated carbon filter in the water treatment industry

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-28
The most important filter material in activated carbon filter element is activated carbon, which is the main and most used adsorption material in water purification. Most of them are used in water purifiers, so they are also called water purifier filter elements. Activated carbon is made from coconut shells, fruit shells, etc., through carbonization, activation, crushing, screening, air selection, drying and other processes. As early as the 1930s, activated carbon was used to adsorb phenol from the wastewater of coking plants. Therefore, the application of activated carbon in water treatment has a history of nearly 80 years. Activated carbon filter element is a new type of deep filter element, which has been specially processed and formed, and has a fine pore structure. It has good adsorption performance, effectively overcomes the leakage defect of carbon powder in all granular activated carbon filters, and removes organic matter, suspended solids, particles, rust, residual chlorine, peculiar smell, etc. in the fluid. The adsorption capacity and adsorption speed of activated carbon filter element are the main indicators to measure the adsorption process. The size of the adsorption capacity is measured by the amount of adsorption, and the adsorption rate refers to the amount of substances adsorbed by a unit weight of adsorbent in a unit time. In water treatment, the adsorption rate determines the time required for the contact between the wastewater and the adsorbent. Generally speaking, the smaller the particles of the water purifier filter element, the faster the pore diffusion speed, and the stronger the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon filter element. The pH value and temperature of the sewage also have an effect on the adsorption of activated carbon. Activated carbon generally has a higher adsorption capacity under acidic conditions than under alkaline conditions. The adsorption reaction is usually an exothermic reaction, so low temperature is favorable for the adsorption reaction. Of course, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is related to the concentration of sewage. At a certain temperature, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon increases with the increase of the equilibrium concentration of adsorbed substances.
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