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Application of a sintered filter can replace quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Pure water processing technology are generally the most common equipment sintering filter, quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter, but they all belong to one of the mechanical filter. Once some people asked: quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter belong to mechanical filter, then I installed a ( Double) Sintered filter and there is no need to install the activated carbon filter and other quartz sand filter? Here are filter source water treatment equipment company to explain the difference between the sintering filter and quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter.

sintering filter and quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter appearance look the same, is a manhole, in and out of the gate, the discharging mouth, leg, and its external pipeline operation is the same. Feeling that gives a person is a kind of equipment, if there is no equipment nameplate that don't really know what kind of filter. Then apply a sintering filter can replace quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter? Filter the source water treatment company technical personnel's answer must be: certainly not. To answer this question from the quartz sand filter material and activated carbon filter material for removal of impurities of performance and efficiency.

the first: it is well known that the quartz sand filter, built-in filled with quartz sand, particle is in commonly 0. 5 - 1. 1 - 2毫米 3 - 2毫米 4 mm, his action principle, mainly by filling of fine quartz sand compacted by intercepting intercept role to the particulate impurities in water of water soluble organic matter, the impurities such as ion effect is very small. He mainly intercept solid particles does not dissolve in water. Why must use quartz sand, ordinary sand? This is because the quartz sand high hardness, strong. Run or backwashing, are wash not easily broken. Think about it, if it is using ordinary quartz sand, run very has produced particles extruded and a broken body, as the water enters the trail process, they polluted the water. Moreover, backwashing and is due to the effect of friction, quartz sand is easily broken, so broken quartz sand by backwashing water drop, so that the filter before long, the packing is much less. So, be sure to quartz sand for water treatment. Not take it for granted said river sand line not line, we river sand a lot over there. It is ok to pack. The sand is not good.

2: activated carbon filter, internal filling, activated carbon filter, mainly through a huge amount of microporous activated carbon, the microporous has a strong adsorption, can adsorption of organic matter in water, colloid, impurities, such as ion adsorption, its action principle is the principle of quartz sand filter function is intercept intercept, so this is the most essential difference between activated carbon filter and quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter material has good and bad, LiangSanQianYiDun also has on the market, tens of thousands of also have a ton of activated carbon, is the essential difference between the first, the activated carbon iodine value, iodine value is related to the adsorption capacity of water, iodine value, the greater the adsorption capacity. Second, activated carbon filter material strength, poor activated carbon intensity is low, activated carbon is easily broken, so a lot of hours after activated carbon filter backwashing water are black.

so that each of the filters have different function and effect. So the single only a sintered filter doesn't work.
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