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Application of large flow water filter element in work

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-26
Nowadays, the emergence of large-flow water filter cartridges has solved many water filtration and water treatment problems. So how is the technology of large-flow water filter cartridges realized? The factors and principles of the large flow water filter element to achieve large flow are as follows: The large flow water filter element is the core filter unit of the large flow filtration system. It adopts horizontal pleating technology and adopts precise pleating technology to achieve uniform ripples and make the filter medium in a limited space. The area is larger, the design pressure of the high-flow filter element is 80 cubic meters, and the actual pressure-bearing flow depends on the actual working conditions. The Lvyuan high-flow filter element includes the replacement of pall high-flow filter, the replacement of Parker high-flow filter, and the replacement of 3m high-flow filter. The filtration accuracy can reach 1um (micron), and the filtration efficiency can reach more than 99.5%. The filtration process and working principle of the large flow filter element: When the liquid to be filtered passes through the large flow filter element, the water in the inlet pipe enters the filter through the drainage channel, and then passes through the support layer from top to bottom, collected by the water distribution system, and passed through the outlet The water pipe drains. After filtering for a period of time, the amount of suspended matter remaining in the filter layer increases, and the porosity of the filter layer decreases, thereby increasing the flow of pore water. On the one hand, the filtration resistance increases. On the other hand, the impurities in the pores are washed away by the water flow, the pressure increases, and the water quality deteriorates. When the head loss exceeds the allowable value, or when the concentration of suspended solids in the effluent exceeds the specified value, the filtration and reaction The flushing of the filter should be terminated.
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